Horizon Kids
Deliverable - Branding & Identity, Merchandise

Project Overview

Working with Pastor Jess for Horizon Kid's rebrand was a treat! In preparation for 2022's Vision Sunday, Jess was after a fresh identity to propel excitement, energy and boldness into each child. In this way, we developed a strong colour palette; colours such as deep orange and yellow to inspire creativity and kindness, with blues speaking to intelligence and reflectivity. This was combined with bold asset imagery and illustrations for a complete rebrand.

The development of Horizon Kid’s visual identity enables easy identification and visual congruency in engaging with kids and parents alike, across a range of different mediums. In this way, Horizon Kid’s Logomark is an inward and outward expression of Horizon Church’s kids ministry mission- to empower kids to be their greatest selves, and to grow a foundational relationship with God.

The elements of the Logomark and their relationship with each other have been carefully crafted to evoke joy, resolution and warmth.

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