Ivan Dinh Films
Deliverable - Logo, Business cards and Illustration pack

Project Overview

Ivan Dinh Films is a budding Sydney-based videographer specialising in beautiful and scenic weddings. We were fortunately tasked with Ivan's branding. Going for floral imagery, earthy tones and delicate illustrations, we were able to provide Ivan with the visuals to match his artistic approach. Furthermore, a combination of modern and traditional serif typefaces were strategically chosen to evoke modern class.

We like to think Ivan Dinh Film's branding evokes a sense of ethereal beauty, much like the films he produces.

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“Working with Julien from Oddly was such a great experience! After my business took an unexpected turn of rapid growth, sorting out my brand identity and and establishing myself as a credible and professional vendor was really important to me. Julien made the entire process so easy and effortless. He took the ideas that I had and turned it into something that I was proud to identify my business with! He captured the elegant, timeless, and minimal aesthetic that I was after with both my logo design and brand identity package. I would highly recommend Oddly to anyone, but especially small businesses who want to take their next step!”

— Ivan DInh